Exhibition 2021

With the Covid-19 restrictions our exhibition this year is being held online. A total of 530 images have been selected for display. The selection and awards were made by John Whitby MFIAP, EFIAPp, MPAGB, a member of Leicester Forest Photographic Society.

The images were entered into nine categories. For L&LPS members there are colour, monochrome and nature sections. Open to everyone are sections for colour, monochrome, nature, sport, and Great Central Railway. This last one is sponsored by the Great Central Railway Ltd for images taken on that railway, which could be of trains, stations, re-enactment events, etc. Lastly there is the Greenlees section for club or society entries where each panel is four images.

Each section is displayed as a slideshow which can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below. There is an explanation of the slideshow controls on the help page.

L&LPS members sections
Open sections
Panel entries from photographic clubs or societies

© All images are copyright of the photographers

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